The GH3 conundrum

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Re: 600mm @ 35mm equivalent for me

Jogger wrote:

... and, what if youre not shooting 600mm??? I know i dont.

Usually If Im not shooting 600mm Im shooting using the multi aspect sensor to get out to something like 800mm equivalent. Believe it or not I still get good sharp photos without a tripod. I usually do brace myself against a Pole or tree to help me hold the camera steady but the GH2 is an amazing camera thats why Im staying with my OMD and GH2. The more I read the more I think the GH3 would be a step down from the GH2 for me. As I have posted before I sold the GH2 to buy the OMD but when B&H had the GH2 for 599 I could not resist. I now have both and love both.

I just find it so hard to believe Panasonic failed to bring the multi aspect sensor into the GH3...but all is good I am happy with what I have except I want the 15mm lens cap and the new E-PL5 or Olympus PEN E-PM2.

SHood wrote:

I use the 100-300mm almost exclusively on my GH2. I keep looking at other solutions but it always comes down to size and weight. The GH3 is still lighter than any DSLR and in order to duplicate 600mm equivalent with larger sensors it is no longer handheld (requiring a tripod). I also prefer the 100% EVF over the entry level DSLR OVFs.

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