Flare Pelican - new sensor x10

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Re: Flare Pelican - new sensor x10

In your view, does this new orbs correcting sensor keep the previous overall IQ?, because that's my concern.

Though these recent Sony and even Fuji launches, I've been waiting for ages for a X10 replacement in order to avoid these last two year debate regarding its issues.

Besides current optics limits, I've been behind this concept within budget, like e.g.
1. A 24-120 mm, f 1.8 ~ 2.4 fixed zoom lens,
2. An even bigger sensor ? (would that be possible?),
3. A full information viewfinder (only electronic? eg EX1),
4. A wider shutter speed range,
5. A better resolution LCD,

6. Include a std UV filter and regular carrying case (avoid the mandatory optionals),
7. A more usable menu, and

8. A general overall smaller size (like the RX 100), but with the X10 aesthetics and "price".*

By the way, loved your shots and appreciate your X10 Quick Guide.
Carlos Lacroze

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