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Re: This still amazes me - D800e

Ednaz wrote:

Every once in awhile, while editing from a shoot, I'll get reminded of what really is down there in the D800e's capture range.

Out working my dogs, and shooting with the D800e and the 70-200VR2 to get comfortable with the 3D continuous autofocus, and get a better feel for how quickly autoexposure adjusts - at this time of day my yard is a mass of alternating shadow and light. (This is the first camera, of all the Nikon bodies I've owned, where the AF can consistently beat what I can do manually under almost every condition, but the metering seems to be a few beats slower than the AF... doesn't keep up with the changes in light as a moving subject tracks through different areas of brightness... but that's not what I'm posting about...) This is Sam, who does all kinds of tricks with balls of various sizes... he herds this ball through obstacle courses like tunnels, rows of poles, into goals, and he's FAST when he's doing it. Only has one speed... top.

On several of the shots, I noticed the dog tags, and thought... I wonder if I can read them. Many of the pictures they were back to the camera, but on this one...

I marked over the phone numbers... you can clearly read the top tag easily, and the bottom tag is only unreadable because of its angle.

A testament to the speed of the AF system, and the resolution of the camera that requires that speed.

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Just imagine what the result would be if you was capable of shooting some... photography for a change!


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