Another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

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Re: I didn't need another reason...

Archer66 wrote:

Durm wrote:

I started removing IE as soon as the Windows "Add Remove Software" started allowing it. (Windows 7 I think, I dont remember it sooner).

Sorry to burst your bubble but that does not remove IE, you still have it and probably use it a lot.

It removes it from the available software listing, and it removes it from play as far as user choice is concerned.

Its still sitting there on the disk, but not available for use.

You really cant be any more "Rid of it" than that using the operating system to remove it from play.

You cant "browse the web" with it, so effectively you have no chance of hitting a site that can cause trouble with IE.

You can, and will get warnings from some websites that will tell you they only work properly in IE. Im also sure that some parts of the OS use it, but not anything that "browses the web".

Windows Explorer is separate from IE, if thats what you are referring to.

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