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Re: X-S1 in Winnipeg ...

rattymouse wrote:

If there is anything mediocre about these images, it's the poor framing in my opinion. I dont see the flash as being objectionable at all.

Well, arguing opinions is silly. Direct flash is known to flatten features and create very hard shadows under chins etc. Since this is a photography site where gear is the main feature, using the gear correctly is always on point.

But when our standards do not match, we cannot really have much of a conversation around that stuff.

There was ISO100 film in the camera. Exactly how do I re-load in higher speed film?

By throwing away the 100ISO and loading the higher ISO film. As it was always done. If there were already images in there, you would put the camera into a dark room bag with your hands in each end in dim light and you would do it by feel. Again, as it has always been done.

I didnt want a digital image when I took these images. I have thousands of digital images of my children. The whole point of snapping these was to start on the path towards making negatives of my kids.

Very good. Can't argue with that. In which case all we are talking about is improving the lighting.

The entire point to posting these was in response to Bill's comment.

Well, he made two comments. One on how so many forums members seem to be composition challenged, and one that he could not find any images of your kids.

You managed to underscore his first comment while addressing his second. But when addressing such a comment in a gear forum, it would behove you to post images from a modern Fuji camera and to address technical issues. Because this forum has always been tough on image issues.

These are family pics and they do their job perfectly.

I suppose we can never agree, since you seem immune to obvious technical flaws that detract from the images. Someone's mom and pop would be proud of these, but surely your skills are far beyond this ...

The GA645 is not much of a portrait camera and my living room is not a place for a decent portrait even in perfect light.

Well, at least it is a Fuji

And so it goes ... you can try to excuse these over and over ... but in a gear forum, we look for some semblance of skill in using the equipment. And you, for some reason, chose the wrong tool and shot it the wrong way. And then you posted them in the Lion's den

The kids are still cute.

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