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Re: Panasonic Lumix GH3. Looks are important

safaridon wrote:

I'm very surprised at your comment that the GH3 hump should be more pronounced? That is exactly the opposite of what many who dislike the DSLR shape want. I like the the higher shoulders to show less hump but would have preferred it they could have kept similar small size to the G5 but they wanted to differentiate.

I said that maybe because it gives a more professional look, but the look is not all, in fact the important is the overall quality, I was a comment and a personal taste, but I like it not much more pronounced, anyway if is fine like it is.

What I find most interesting is just look over on 43rumors at the EOSHD article which shows a breakdown of the insides of the GH3. The real inner core of the GH3 camera is a long flat short height rectangle much like the shape of Pany's patent for a rangefinder design with swivel EVF in left corner. This makes more sense to Pany's investing so much in the new GH3 as it will form the basis for two very different platforms and shapes. My best guess this will be the long awaited GXP1 in the coming year. Reportedly Pany's new OLED EVF mechanism is very small and could be used much like the ones shown in the NEX7/6. Rather than requiring an all new body for GX2 why not upgrade it with same sensor/processor as GH3, OLED screen but base the new inbody EVF model on existing GH3 chassis?

Not a bad idea indeed. From what I read they will launch a GX1 similar camera with a built in EVF, maybe it is a similar chassis to the one used on the GH3, but they have mentioned it will be launched before December.

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