The conundrum for Pentax/Ricoh

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Re: Same thing, all over again...

Jorgen E wrote:

Voff wrote:

Unless something dramatic happens with sensor manufacturing technology we won't see cheap large sensors. And if we do, amaller sensors will be correspondingly cheaper.

The price of 18x24mm APS-C sensors went from "frightfully expensive" to "pocket money", in 10-15 years, or so. Was there some kind of technology development magic, that applied to that particular format alone?

No. But at time they weren't sold in millions. The first Pentax DSLR cost as much as a Nikon F5 if not more and proably sold in larger numbers than a new Pentax FF would. It is the cost of manufacturing large sensor that make FF sensors so expensive. APS sensors are much cheaper to make and sell in vastly larger quantities.

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