What's the D600 advantage of the 39 AF points centered?

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Re: I'm spoiled by Micro Four Thirds as well

You haven't tried any current Micro-Four-Thirds camera, obviously. M43 is NOT P&S, although many naively think it is. CDAF is now almost instantaneous, doesn't need any calibration or fine-tuning and you can focus ANYWHERE on the screen. There is much less that can go wrong, ala D800 AF calibration issues, needing to test and enter fine-tune settings for lenses, and people unhappy about FX focus points only being in the DX zone. I would argue that CDAF is ALREADY more accurate than PDAF. Perhaps the one remaining advantage of PDAF is continuous tracking, but give CDAF a few more years and that PDAF advantage may be gone as well.

The focus on Coolpix cameras and other one-piece P&S's is very slow and irritating, but high-end mirrorless systems are a much different and better beast. If you ever happen to be around a Pany GH2 or GH2 or Oly E-M5, try it out. Live View focusing on my D600 is unfortunately more comparable to low-end P&S's. Again, I can live with this as the D600 has other obvious advantages.

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