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Re: G5?

The problem for G5 was the timing of the arrival of the EM5 which received all the attention and the G5 has only very recently become available. Now we have people howling about the larger size of the GH3 when Pany has already produced a smaller version which included the most important HD improvement and that is 1080P and people ignored it? Most do not even realize the G5 uses a modified GH2 sensor which has a higher DR than any PEN or m4/3 product outside of the EM5. Another problem with sales was they continue to sell the G3 at bargain prices.

All the reviews of the G5 have been very positive on the G5, very fast AF, good colors, swivel screen, HD 1080P, etc. and this seems to be a viable alternative to any of the entry DSLRs which lack HD1080P except for fast tracking objects which is a problem even for EM5 but maybe not the new faster GH3? Now that people have seen the size and cost of the GH3 they may well taken a more serious look at the G5.

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