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krugman wrote:

joharis wrote:

Nice review but with some strange remarks. The reviewer says: "The colors are natural and slightly undersaturated, which is an unusual result for a compact camera." And a bit further in the review: "The camera uses an intense sharpness filtering to gain these high results, but the overshot results are still acceptable, especially for a compact camera."

With these remarks the reviewer suggests that there is a connection between image quality and the size of the camera, which is nonsense. In fact he had to make the connection between image quality and the size of the sensor.

Here is how I understand the remarks you have quoted:

The writer evidently knows that you will realize that as a rule what we call "compact cameras" don't have sensors this large.

The Sony Nex 5n, and 7, do have sensors this large, and they are quite compact, but they are not what is usually termed a "compact camera."

So from his point of view, the G1x, has unusually good image quality for what is called a "compact camera." He knows you will understand that the reason is that what we call "compact cameras" don't have sensors this large.

Very recently, after the review was written, an exception has appeared: the Canon EOS M is what we would call a "compact camera" but it does have a sensor as large as the G1x sensor. Or, perhaps because it has interchangeable lenses, we might not consider the EOS M to fall into the class of "compact cameras," even though it is literally compact.


What I tried to say is that the photographic world has changed. Compact cameras in terms of camera size are not a class on its own anymore. So for image quality comparisions you must refer to the size of the sensor and not to the sixe of the camera. Same for the (lack of) macro capabilities, that are often mentioned regarding the G1X.

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