What's the D600 advantage of the 39 AF points centered?

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Joe Braun
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I'm spoiled by Micro Four Thirds as well

(As info, I'm coming from Nikon DX to M43 to FX.)

I'm spoiled by M43's AF -- the GH2 with native m43 CDAF lenses made for incredibly fast AF with focus points anywhere. And having a touch screen that allows you to focus and shoot with one touch is amazingly convenient.

Using the D600's auto-focus, I feel like I'm back in the stone age. I find myself using Live View quite often to get focus in the outer areas; it works well but focusing isn't nearly as fast as current M43 offerings.

As a landscaper, this doesn't bother me, but as CDAF gets better and better, PDAF and mirrors are seeming more and more archaic. I'd give anything for a mirrorless full-frame solution in the future.

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