XF1 or RX100

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Re: XF1 or RX100

As someone who has an X10 and who was seriously considering an RX100 before I got my X10, I'd go with the XF1 personally, for a few reasons:

1. The Sony looks pretty horrible wide open. It's a halo-y, soft, weird mess wide open. Go look over on the Sony forum and on Flickr to see it. It's everywhere and you can't fix it. My X10 (and presumably the XF1) is tack sharp even wide open, without all that crazy haloing like the Sony.

2. The colors on the Sony leave a LOT to be desired. Even current RX100 will admit that. They're not good.

3. The exposure on the RX100 seems to be a bit off in every shot. Most users say that the camera seems to underexpose every shot. This can be corrected of course, but still, it's annoying.

And in favor of the XF1:

1. That sensor is beautiful. I cannot say enough good things about the sensor.

2. It's smaller

3. It has far better color rendition and is highly customizable

4. It looks nicer

5. You know that Fuji is committed to updating their lines through Firmware updates.

6. It's cheaper.

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