The conundrum for Pentax/Ricoh

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Re: The conundrum for Pentax/Ricoh

pundit wrote:

However I think for Pentax to release another APS-C as its next flagship will be a sales failure.

With the new crop of 35mm DSLR's now at the $2k mark an APS-C Pentax DSLR will have to come in at under $1500 to have any hope of selling. Pentax needs new Pentax customers and another APS-C DSLR (no matter how good) priced on the wrong side of $1500 simply will not entice them.

They are two different formats. One doesn't have to be cheaper than the other. Those who want APS is not concerned about APS and vice versa.

Then it's only a matter of time before FF prices drop closer to $1500 anyway.

Is it? They have become cheaper (well they haven't really) because of dumbing down on the bodies not due to cheaper sensors. Theres isn't much if anything to gain anymore along this route; not if they want to sell.

Unless something dramatic happens with sensor manufacturing technology we won't see cheap large sensors. And if we do, amaller sensors will be correspondingly cheaper.

I think Pentax's only option is for Ricoh to step up to the plate and produce a compact (as possible) highly specced killer 35mm DSLR at around $1500.

That will bankrupt them.

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