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Thanks for the tips Ant. And thanks for the encouragement ! The coffee idea is a good one. Got a Starbucks nearby. Hmmm my caffeine low light is blinking :-)))

oneANT wrote:

fwellers wrote:

Just saw this. I've read a lot of what you had to say about the planar, on the lens forum.

I recently bought a Nikkor 50mm 1.2 ai-s instead. It was a struggle of a choice over the planar. There still may also be that in my future yet.

Oh and all you need now is that Zeiss 50/1.4 (grin)

I had the 50/1.2 ...I didn't like it but know I'm in the minority. Jeez its nice to use tho. If I said that setting 1.2 on the ring is a bit odd you'd know I did own it.
50mm just isnt my bag will be tho because its in my bag (grin).
I see some great images with it and some stunning stuff on film.

If you want to see it shine ...look for locations where the light is reflected off walls and onto people ...find a spot, get a coffee and relax a while. Watch whats going on and watch the way the light works on skin and faces ...and a great excuse to watch the pretty girls.
It loves reflected light ...and pretty girls

PS: you really should do more, your pics are that good.


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