Is there a different in DOF on DX vs FX?

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Re: Is there a different in DOF on DX vs FX?

This is a classical question in 4/3 forum, and it is easier to solve this dof problem with 2.0-crop sensor camera. Compared with fx body both focal lens and aperture must be devided with 2 to get same dof.

With dof calculator we get following with different bodies when
distance is same:10 feet and
dof is same: 0,70ft:

d800 fx (ff) 100mm f4
d7000 dx (1,5 crop) 70mm f2.8
Panasonic gf3 (2.0 crop) 50mm f2

But what is the result when d800 is used with dx mode? Is it still 100mm f4 to get 0,71ft dof? If you take same picture with ff and dx mode does dof differ?

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