What makes D600 non pro

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Re: What makes D600 non pro

thephotobox wrote:

1. I was wondering what exactly makes the D600 NOT a "pro level" camera. The specs seem on par with say, the 5D mkIII. Is it maybe the quality of sensor? the lack of CF card slot? plastic parts? It is described as weather resistant....

Marketing hype, and the capabilities of the user. Pure and simple. Many travel photographers will use it, just as many used the D80 at its time because it was smaller and lighter, and many use the D7000 for the same reason. Many amateurs will avoid it because they think that cameras are pro. (NOT)

2. Furthermore, what would be the downside to a lack of CF card slot? (My thoughts are that if both slots are SD than I don't need 2 different types of media with me, just SD) What are the benefits of CF that seem to land it on all "Pro" gear.

At the moment at least, there's no SD card as fast as the top two speeds of CF card. I've got highest speed cards of each in my D800e, and several short bursts in a row will back up the SD card, but not the CF card. (Might also be Nikon's implementation of the SD channel, too, but independent, well done tests show this pretty definitively.)

Also - under rapidly changing, frantic conditions, it's a lot easier to avoid dropping a CF card while changing cards than an SD card. That little bit of size helps. However, easier to bend pins on the CF card slot than to damage an SD card slot.

3. Also, what is the downside to the front piece being plastic? Just a little more rugged for the field?

Zero downside, IMHO, until I get my hands on it. It MAY make it a little less balanced with really long lenses. It may in fact survive small drops BETTER than metal.

4. What exactly was stripped down to make the D600 (more) affordable when compared to the 5DmkIII which is seen as a pro camera? What was the trade off?

Zip. You're looking for things that don't much matter. The D600 is a massively more capable camera than those that have filled magazines in the last three years. The pricing difference is a pricing difference. Pricing isn't done to a perfect formula, it doesn't correlate to anything other than how people wanted to price.

This whole pro camera / non-pro camera is idiotic marketing hype that unfortunately a whole lot of people think is meaningful.

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