If you don't think design is important, don't read this...

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Re: If you don't think design is important, don't read this...

Raymond Wardenaer wrote:

For me, design is very important. I like a good designed car, enjoying my 1953 MG TD. And of course it works!

I like good designed cameras. I like the new Fuji X-E1 so much, that I am considering leaving Olympus m4/3 for the new Fuji.

My Olympus Pen E-PL1 takes good images. More than good enough for me. But now (or soon) we shall have a battery of good lenses for Fuji, too. Like for Olympus. But with the X-E1 I get the RF design that I like. I also get a larger body, something I have been asking for here, and I get the dial for exposure compensation.

I have had many SLRs and a few DSLRs, too. Sometimes I like change. Therefore I do not like the OM-D, because i looks like a DSLR. But I know it is a very good camera.

So, when I have seen reports of the X-E1 and the new lenses, I shall probably be a Fuji person...
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Wow. You used "good designed car" and "MG" in the same sentence. I certainly didn't see that coming!


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