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Re: some mixed street

Thanks for the feedback Ant. I appreciate it. Nice compliments too. If I have any rules, I

Would have to think about them. I don't shoot street that much to have evolved any set of rules. Like most I guess, I use a 35mm or 50mm prime. These days I am only using my manual lenses which makes street even harder ( haven't tried zone focus yet )

Like I said I don't Do it much, so I consider myself lucky to even have that small set over the course of a couple of years.

As far as me having something to teach, I consider myself like one small step away from where I began, which is just taking snapshots of people from a distance. Slowly learning to keep a better eye on the background, try and get close or at least have some foreground interest, look for patterns and relationships. Seeing many street shots on the internet and reading about it (this forum is getting real good for ineresting learning ), I'm learning how to edit out the crap a little better.

Thanks again.

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