FZ200 out for a walk today...

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Re: FZ200 out for a walk today...

jcmarfilph wrote:

ageha wrote:

AlainL wrote:

Is it supposed to be a better photo? Lot of noise, purple fringing... :S
The composition is great

Sorry but the composition is crap.

Your common sense is crap. Obviously what I am trying to show there is the detail at

ISO-800. Just because it is a new camera, doesn't mean it will always produce good photos.



and here is Coley ISO-800 shot


-=[ Joms ]=-

True Jomer, but that was only the second Birding Trip and the birds here in the South do not have their feathers quite yet, should get some great birding shots in October when I get home...

Your shots, although we see the details, the colors and the contrast are not appealing at all...the Cardinals breast is purple and purple fringing is everywhere...still nice details Joms...why don't you develop them Joms and then post, they would be much more appealing to folks...

I can see why Fuji contrast and tone would be appealing to some folks, but a lot of folks do not care for that color and contrast...I prefer the "pop" of the Panny and Oly colors myself...and yes IQ is a portion of it as well but not the deciding overall factor...otherwise I would only have 5 photos in my FlickR Acct...lol...

Here's an example of one shot I caught...this BIF I love as a photo but if you pixel peep the bird's head is out of focus, otherwise no one would ever know, but I love this shot....

FlickR Photostream:

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