possible m4/3 system on the cheap

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Re: possible m4/3 system on the cheap

SamNC wrote:

I have a D7000 with all the relatively hi-end lenses for the typical enthusiast (i.e. 80-200 f/2.8; 11-16 f/2.8, 85 f/1.8, 35 f/1.8 DX etc...) I doubt I will dump the D7000 for FF, but the idea of a 15 f/8 m 4/3 pancake lens seems exciting...plus, I want a very small pocketable camera.

So, I am thinking about getting a cheap refurbished m 4/3 system. I am thinking about either the PEN E-PL1 or the E-PM 1, both of which is under $200 refurbished. Any suggestions on which one is better?

Will the second generation give me anything more other than costing me about $100 extra?

Finally, is the 17 f/2.8 as bad as what some reviewers said?

Actually one more question...is it reasonable for me to keep the D7000 for my general photography use, and get the OLY for a pocket kind of camera? I will certainly not buy a system around the OLY, but want something small and portable. The OLY plus the 15 f/8 seems very tempting for an always in the pocket camera that is better than the run of the mill compact camera.

The E-PM1 will be smaller lighter and much more reactive, for AF and burst mode. It has 35 focus zones instead of only 11 and 5fps instead of 3. It has have a better LCD (with twice the resolution). They have the same sensor, but slightly different color rendering for the jpegs; some say that they prefer the E-Pl1 jpegs. Concerning the external controls available, the four ways controllers doubles as a rotating wheel, which personnally I like a lot, because it makes choosing settings in the menus more fluid, but some don't, because they find it is too easy to accidentally change settings.

Being so small, at some speeds and with some lenses, some are experiencing slight blurr or double edges with the E-Pm1 (mostly around 1/60 and 1/100s).

I'd go with the E-Pm1 ...Unless you fear that your wife/girl friend will steal it, because it looks so much nicer than the E-Pl1 to my eyes. It will be more pocketable than the E-Pl1 which has a little grip and is longer, thicker and higher.

Also, get the kit lens with the body ! The E-Pm1 comes with a much better kit lens than the E-Pl1 (the first version of the 14-42mm was really bad and the second version is collapsible too and extremely light).

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