Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

I posted this question on a couple of threads, but didn't receive all the answers I was looking for, so here's a new thread about it:

I think what has been criticized the most of the 6d is the autofocus system, compared to the d600.

While it's clear that having all those points in d600 is certainly better, I don't see why people think they are that much better.

(I'm going to talk about performance on paper, since nobody compared in real-world; but the critics come from the specs, so let's talk about those)

d600 has 9 cross point, but they are in the very center of the screen:

My understanding is that people (me included) find using 1.4-2.0 lenses with 5D & 5DII hard, since we all rely on focus&recompose, as we don't "trust" the outer points (which are not that "out" anyway).

But I don't see how d600 layout are going to avoid the "focus&recompose" problem.
Or the external, not-cross-points are more accurate than canon's?

Nikon's system looks more expensive, but I don't see it so appealing to me (at least for the type of photography I do???)

In fact, I like canon's layout more, since outer points are closer to the edges (I don't know if this pict represents the real distance from focus points to the edges):

So to me it looks like the d600 autofocus would be better for actions (where more points are better) but I don't see the added value in avoiding the "focus&recompose" problem...

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