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Re: Panasonic Lumix GH3. My first 3 hours impressions. /1

Dan Clark wrote:


First, many thanks for your review. It adds value to the known information about the camera and confirms other preliminary reviews. As a long-time u4/3 user whose level-headed posts have added value to hundreds of threads, your honest impressions are very valuable to me.

I especially liked your feedback about size and handling. There's a lot of noise on the forum about how the GH3 is "HUGE". Specs say differently, but it good to get real user feedback.

As I've posted elsewhere, my experience with my GH2 is that it's a very good camera, but has some "warts":

  • DR and IQ that's good but not great

  • Low light noise could be improved

  • Some controls are a bit small and oddly placed

  • Odd still/video UI integration issues

  • Video limitations like no 1080/60P and no higher bit rate options

  • Audio idiosyncrasies like 2.5mm mic plug, no headphone jack, and inability to disable AGC

So my GH3 questions are related to the GH2 issues...

  • The GH2's control knobs on top of the camera are a bit difficult to work with - small, overloaded, and close to the hump and other controls. It LOOKS like the GH3's control knobs are much better. How did you find them? How easy/difficult was it to set the knobs?

Hello Dan,

Like you said I had not much time between the coffees and taking pictures to things I liked, I was more concentrated on what I like most, that is stills.

For a user like me that is used to the G2, I found those top buttons very welcome and easy to the finger get them even when viewing through the EVF.

I liked to have the exposure compensation and WB buttons close to the shutter.

The FN buttons are easy to access too, I really liked the ergonomics like I said, that is one of the first things I check on a camera, because you are going to use it a lot of time (at least me) and that is an important thing on a camera.

  • Control wheel/rocker on the back. It's very difficult to see in the pics and video, but it appears that the control wheel both rotates AND rocks. Is that correct? How did you like that? How was it to use? Fast/slow? Easy/difficult?

Fast. That one is similar to Canon cameras, I did not had any problem to use it, in fact it is an improvement. And all 3 wheels are programmable like my friend told me, I did not have change that. I have used the AWB fine tuning and the Photo Styles a lot.

  • One major gripe that I have with the GH2 is the shutter and video buttons. In some video settings, pressing either will stop and start the video. And in some settings, pressing the video button will start taking video, but pressing the shutter button will NOT take a still image. With the GH3, how do the shutter button and video button work? Is the shutter button limited to stills and the video button limited to video? While capturing a video, does hitting the shutter button always take a pic regardless of video mode? Find any issues?

No, but maybe because I only took a 3 minutes video continually and then stopped and continued to admire the 12-35mm and taking stills. This camera is great for video lovers, but when I really have it I am not going to use a lot of video, I am a stills guy.

  • Another GH2 issue is that video and still settings seem to be combined in odd ways. Are the GH3's video and still settings stored separately? When you store the video settings, switch to still mode, and when you switch back to video, are the video settings unchanged?

My friend configured the camera for video high quality and high rate, what I can say is that the stills settings are always like you have set. I have not checked those details, on my G2 I only set the video once on the day I bought it and then never have changed them. If I was a video guy the things were reversed.

But being this camera aimed to pros from stills and video, Panasonic must have though on all those details that can make a user experience better.

I understand that some of these questions may be difficult to answer since you've only used the GH3 for a few hours, but I would very much like your opinions.

Not difficult, I plan to go another time testing the camera soon, but in the morning to my friend let me use the camera all day. This way I can see the rest and again have the pleasure to have the GH3 in my hands.

Best regards,


Thanks and regards,


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