RX100--Weird speck inside lens (dust?)

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Tom Hoots
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Re: Sun flare or evidence of need to service camera?

Liz Z. wrote:

Thanks! It's all boxed and ready to go.

I'm a bit late to your thread, but here's an "I feel your pain" for you. Gosh, that is a pretty big chunk. Whether you'll ever see it or not is almost immaterial -- it's that human mind you've got that just can't help but be bothered about it.

As other folks have mentioned, you would probably have to close your aperture down about as far as it would go in order to see it, if indeed it would even show up then.

Personally, I think you've found your missing Magfilter bit -- obviously it managed to shrink itself down small enough to crawl in there and hide.

I have some experience (successful) with using a vacuum to get dust out of lenses, but that was with "removable" lenses. And the concept is very simple -- if anything will move, it will go in the direction of the suction. So, if you just tried to put a vacuum hose over the extended lens, it would just try to pull the chunk in the direction of the suction -- which wouldn't get you anywhere at all.

I agree with your decision -- you've got to get it out of there, if only for your peace of mind. Good luck with Sony, and I hope you'll have your RX100 back soon, all clean and shiny.

Tom Hoots

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