Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

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Re: Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

creaDVty wrote:

I did not know that. Heck, I didn't even know about capture one. I'll try it out. Though I wonder if it already has D600 raw support. I thought View Nx2 and Capture NX2 were the only ones at this time...?

Hmm, it might take a couple of weeks for Capture One to support D600. It's such a sweet program that I'd recommend trying it when the update is ready. There's a 60 day trial period, fully functional.

One of the pillars of digital exposure is to know what the numbers coming off your sensor are before any tone curve is applied. The "linear" tone curve in Capture One is useful for that and all "Expose To The Right" or UniWB methods. It also gives you the cleanest starting image for use with extensive processing.

I see you used the "neutral" picture control. This is pretty close to linear, and the in-camera histogram is very close to true when you have the camera set to neutral. I'm just not sure whether you are getting a clip warning or a hard clip.

The newer Nikons are also influenced by focus point selection, giving the matrix meter even more hidden complexity.

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