raw vs jpeg for noise control

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Re: raw vs jpeg for noise control

I did not see a setting for Digital Optimizer = On or Off. Are you talking about the LENS tab? If your lens is listed in the LENS tab, this is Lens Data = YES then click the tune button and wait until the process finishes. In the preview window drag the cross to an edge of something in focus. The profile should eliminate automatically or very close chromatic aberration and distortion. If you wish you can use the sections below to fine tune CA, distortion, and color blur. In the upper section I have not used the distance setting nor the slider below it. I have to check the help files. This might have to do with setting it because the lens reports focal length but not camera to subject distance.

When all of the edges look OK in the magnifier section (the crosshairs you dragged) and it looks OK in the medium window for distortion correction click OK and it will process the full RAW image.

If lens data = NO then you can do this manually anyway. It is just that there is no starting point for this unrecognized lens.
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