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Dude Man wrote:

photomeme wrote:

CMOS technology is inherently a noisier technology, but has a lower manufacturing > costs and on-chip technologies that enable much faster image processing and > additional features like live view.

I find it hard to believe manufacturing cost played a role in Leica's decision to switch to cmos. Not picking on you I've heard the manufacturing cost reasoning from more than a few here on the Leica forum. What's an extra few hundred bucks on $7k?

Considering what kind of compromises the japanese are making just to save a few bucks I would hardly descripe the outlook to save a few hundred bucks as insignificant. Leica already "hit the roof" regarding end product pricing so obviously they must do something to maintain their profit margin. Personally, I think that they wanted CMOS for liveview and video though, as much as I dislike that descision

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