Who is shooting in -3EV anyway?

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Re: Who is shooting in -3EV anyway?

I have a studio in my garage and it has no electricity. I use battery packs to power the lights and I keep the modelling lights off to conserve power. It can get very dark towards the end of the day, so -3EV would be useful then.

That said, it's a very niche market to pitch a camera at - the powerless studio photographer!?

I went out in moonlight once in a remote place ... it's very dark indeed, but I can't remember being tempted to take any photos as there's not enough light to get anything vaguely interesting.

It's just a case of Canon's marketing wanting to take something away (decent AF) but give something in return. Unfortunately they took away the equivalent of a thoroughbred racing horse and gave us VD.

Bit of a con if you ask me, but hey ho, let's not pass judgement until we've actually held the thing.

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