Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

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Re: Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

I do like the 5D3 UI much better and it has faster fps at FF size and a bit better video and such but man that D800 sensor just blows the 5D3 one away, 36MP for max detail and reach and like 3.5 stops better dynamic range at ISO100

at high ISO they are actually fairly close until you start getting above ISO6400 and then the 5D3 starts getting better, my impression

part of me wonders if canon will ever catch up with sensor tech to sony exmor, they also seem more intent on not providing as much as they can out of a body and crippling this and that

do like their lenses better though

and yeah I do find the 5D3 UI to be really nice and usable, it performs well other than very poor DR at lower ISOs compared to any recent competition and it is a shame they crippled the video and silly little things like autoiso, however, Magic Lantern third party firmware should fix up some, but not all, of what they crippled, pretty soon

Richard Innes wrote:

Thanks guys - guess I missed that rather obvious point of the 17-55 not geing FF. Guess that leaves the 24-105 then

I have looked at the D600, was in my local shop playing with it over the weekend - but was not hugely impress to be honest. I think if I was going to stay Nikon then I'd go D800 (as I can actually get this cheaper than the mk3), but comparing to the mk3 I think the canon comes out on top.

I do have some nice prosumer/consumer glass (nikon 16-85, sigma 10-20, tamron 70-200 f2.8) but nothing that's particularly great and worth keeping for the long haul.

So thought if I'm going to jump to a FF and invest in some nice glass, then this is the last time for me to properly evaluate the systems and make a choice, because as soon as I start investing some serious money in lenses I think my system will be set for life.

I have to say in my last month or so of research I am leaning to the canon - which to be honest surprises me given my nikon heritage - but have had time to use the D800 and mk3 side-by-side I actually find the mk3 more ergonomic, better and more logical control arrangement and the high-iso performance is simply stunning.

Still time to change my mind, but thinking the mk3 + 24-105 at the moment....
Richard, London, UK.

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