Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

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Re: Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.

And you don't know a poor review from 100 paces. It's one of the most biased pieces of writing I've seen in years, and anyone is entitled to comment on that. Maybe you should be more balanced in your approach.

deep7 wrote:

Great British Landscapes wrote:

I actually thought how stupid he made himself look, no way would I make a fool of myself like that and admit to it. For a so called pro what he did was laughable.

chironNYC wrote:

LOL. But when Fred Miranda actually tried to shoot both cameras on a photo trip, he put the d800 away as unuseable and shot everything with the 5d3. Read the whole piece.

Wow, we get it, you're obsessed with your chosen brand and can't see the advantages of another one. You'll do yourself a favour if you deal with that obsession. Your posts have lost credibility as a result. Seriously.

(I even wonder if there is a commercial reason for some of the pro-Nikon slagging in a Canon forum. Can't think of another reason for it. It's enough to make me spend less time on dpreview!)

Fact is, a lot of photographers see the Canon 5DMkIII as the best camera for their needs, for good reason. It works well, hassle free, produces very, very good images and has a good lens range to suit it. Simple!

A Land Rover, a camera ... I'm happy!

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