The conundrum for Pentax/Ricoh

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Re: The conundrum for Pentax/Ricoh

Well you have three sets of requirements you are lumping together when comparing a FF camera with a Pentax DSLR: cost, speed and size.

On two counts your thinking is just plain inaccurate. I wish you were right. Really. On the third it's questionable.
A K-5 is a lot smaller and a lot cheaper than a D600 or a 6D.

And a DA 15mm and a DA 21mm are a lot smaller than the Nikon and Canon equivalent lenses are. They may be slower, but that may matter less than size/weight and cost.

The value in the Pentax system is partially inherent in the size and weight of the products and the scale of the whole APS-C system. Plus you really don't have equivalents for the small primes in other systems. So your comparison is valid only inside your head. But that's OK.


Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

FF is now at the threshold where one can buy set of 3 -4 primes in 20-50mm range along with a FF body for almost the price of what a cropped with the equivalent 3-4 primes in the 14-35mm range with the added benefit of having smaller faster lenses. The decision gets even harder now that FF falls in the same weight class as the K5
The Camera is only a tool, photography is deciding how to use it.

The most important piece of equipment in photography is the lens cap, if used incorrectly all your photo will be under exposed.

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