The conundrum for Pentax/Ricoh

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The conundrum for Pentax/Ricoh

Six months ago I was ambivalent about a 35mm ('full frame') sensor Pentax DSLR.

Personally I am quite happy with APS-C although an extra stop or two of usable high ISO/low light performance is always welcome when things get near the limit.

Some things I would really like to see is a completely revamped flash system (Nikon CLS style) better video and native tethering but I digress.

The K5-II is not on my list even with improved AF as it still lacks the above.

Like it or not 35mm is now the standard for a flagship DSLR and even top end mirrorless. It is expected.

I think no one will deny Pentax needs to increase its share of the DSLR market assuming Ricoh stick to their mission statement regarding the Pentax brand.

Would I buy an APS-C K3 (or whatever it is called) when/if it is released?

Well I would if, as stated, it has decent AF, min 1/250th sec multi channel flash, native tethering improved video etc.

However I think for Pentax to release another APS-C as its next flagship will be a sales failure.

With the new crop of 35mm DSLR's now at the $2k mark an APS-C Pentax DSLR will have to come in at under $1500 to have any hope of selling. Pentax needs new Pentax customers and another APS-C DSLR (no matter how good) priced on the wrong side of $1500 simply will not entice them.

Then it's only a matter of time before FF prices drop closer to $1500 anyway.

I think Pentax's only option is for Ricoh to step up to the plate and produce a compact (as possible) highly specced killer 35mm DSLR at around $1500. Basically a 35mm K5 on steroids. Then they have to market the absolute crap out of it. And I mean a HUGE campaign.

Is it a gamble? Yes. Will it work? Who knows but if they don't then I can't see any real future for Pentax in the DSLR market.

I don't personally need a 35mm Pentax DSLR but I think from a marketing perspective Pentax does.

I didn't think I say it but I think APS-C is probably now finished as a viable format for the advanced amateur/pro DSLR market like it or not.

Pentax K-5
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