Confirmed: no FF for X-mount.

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Re: Confirmed: no FF for X-mount.

The key to any success, if at all, from a Fuji standpoint is the residual revenue potential from lenses and accessories in my opinion.

When Fuji launched the S3 and S5 Pro they had delivered something extraordinary. BUT, (and this is my point here) people spent a mint on Nikon lenses and accessories so Fuji got nothing other than the sale revenue of a single camera.

I purchased my S3 Pro for about $1,500 or so. I've spent well over $12,000 on Nikon lenses and accessories, flashes etc. Who has really benefited from my single purchase of a Fuji S3? Certainly not Fujifilm.

If Fuji do come to market with a full frame (although I think it highly unlikely) they will need to develop at least a modest range of lenses and accessories to ensure revenue keeps on being generated long after a single camera has been sold.

They know this, you can see the formula at play with the X-Pro1 and X-E1, which I happen to believe is/will be a runaway success for Fuji well into the future if they continue to commit to improving/developing high quality bodies.

So, whether Fuji will commit to having to make a considerable investment into a whole new format is the question. They of course could test the waters like what Sony are doing but I just can't see a mass market for an excessively expensive fixed lens full frame cam. The return would be once off and pretty small, I doubt would be worthwhile for them in this climate.

Anyway, I might be wrong but that's my 2 c anyway.


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