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Re: Panasonic Lumix GH3. My first 3 hours impressions./2
  • My conclusion

Panasonic Lumix made very good improvements on this camera , the GH3 is a camera that almost all will like it to use, ergonomics are superb, it is a camera that we can spent hours using it without being tired. They are targeting this camera to explorers like the ones on National Geographic, and they are right , If I was a NG photographer used to carry heavy DSLR's and lenses I will change to this GH3 and an EM5 as a smaller camera. But do not think that the GH3 is big, in fact it is better to hold than a GH2. and not much bigger.

This is a camera that justify to be a bit costly than the GH2, and it is good for may kinds of photographers, even for street photography.

I liked the menus, but I am used to Panasonic Lumix way, so it was not a surprise to me.

I only shoot one small video at the high quality settings and it looked very good, AF is really amazing on video too. Very smooth fast and accurate.

It is a camera that if you hold it and try you want to have it. It is on my wish list now.

Together with good lenses this is a camera that can really be used for professional work, at least for those pros that don't need the extreme enlargements.

  • All information here on Panasonic Lumix G site.

Micro 4/3 along with Panasonic Lumix and Olympus is being really strong and a very good choice, I am happy with this.

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