Scanned B&W picture of Grandparents for touch up.

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Re: Black and white. My favorite three colors!

Steve Throndson wrote:


What a treasure to have such a photo of your Grandparents !

What size is your original print, and how big do you want the final prints to be? If you're going to print at the same size as the original, then I think 300 dpi would be OK. If you intend to make prints that are larger than the original, then scan at 600 dpi or more.

The picture in your gallery is about 7cm x 10cm @ 300dpi. (830 x 1200 pixels, and about 195 kilobytes)

I'd like to see the dark areas brightened a bit, but there are lots of light vertical lines in the dark clothing - are they scuff marks on the original, or are they some sort of scanning artifacts? They could be retouched, and some member probably knows a fast way to do that. I only know the slow way, with Photoshop's patch and clone tools.


The original is around 11 x 17 inches. The final print I would like to be the same size so no enlarging needed, The vertical lines are scuffs on the original image and not from the scan. I think that when I uploaded the file it made it smaller. Greg suggested posting the original onto drop box and I will give that a try. I have a 300 dpi jpg and a 600 dpi tif file that I will try to upload. Thanks for taking a look and suggestions.

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