Second D800 from Amazon with the AF issue

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Re: Second D800 from Amazon with the AF issue

davesocal wrote:

The first D800 (SN3041XXX) had the AF issue. Left 3 rows of AF points are misfocusing. I decided to exchange the camera.

The second D800 (SN3046XXX) has the same issue. AF point located in the middle and on the right are fine, just left 3 rows are not working properly.

The question is, are all D800's affected or there are some properly working ones?

I'm asking that because I need to decide to keep the camera or exchange. If all the D800's are affected than I don't see the point to keep exchanging. If not all are affected, then I'll exchange once again.

Keep exchanging , Amazon will let you do till some point.
Or ask them to upgrade to 800E.

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