A 57 jpegs, and SAL 18250 lense

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Re: A 57 jpegs, and SAL 18250 lense

I would agree with the above post.

I purchased the A57 w 18-55 kit lens and added the 55-200 for more reach. I did a month long vacation where I often had the wrong lens on the camera at the wrong time, so when I got back I exchanged the 55-200 for the 18-250 (plus cash, of course). I still have the 18-55 along with several Minolta lenses from my Maxxum 9000 days, but I am trying the 18-250 as my main lens for general use, and I am generally pleased.

I have found many shots that were not as well focussed as I expected from AF, so now I am trying manual focus whenever time permits. While focus peaking is nice and often helpful, I am also trying the focus magnification button and finding it really helps nail the focus (again, only if you have time to fuss with that).

I think the camera/lens combo it is a great step up from P&S, there are plenty of features to play with, and there is plenty of room to learn and grow, all at reasonable cost.


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