6D low light focusing questions

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Re: 6D low light focusing questions

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Can anyone tell me if the 6D claim of a better low light focusing ability necessarily translates to better focusing in normal lighting situations? My first impression would be that it would but am not knowledgeable enough about auto focusing systems to say it would absolutely be better.

Also, even though the majority of focusing sensors on the 6D are not of the cross type can their be an improvement in those sensors to obtain better focus compared to the older 5D II sensors that so many have complained about?

No! Low light focus performance and focus accuracy are unrelated.

Low light performance just means that the AF sensor is more sensitive. But don't underestimate the importance. It is very useful in those cases where light is far from ideal like indoors in the evening. Having 102,400 ISO capability but a camera that can't focus at those levels is useless.

Focus accuracy depends on the arrangement of AF points, the number of pixels of these points and the quality of the optics in front of the AF sensor.

And I'm patiently awaiting some reviews of how it performs. Rather nonplussed over the number of focus points, it's all in how they function which is important.

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