6D - So, no 70D??

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Re: 6D - So, no 70D??

scorrpio wrote:

ScarletVarlet wrote:

GPS likely not built in, Wi-Fi would be a plus. If it's going to fit after the 60D is needs to be a reliable APS-C without a big jump in cost - Wi-Fi is an inexpensive add-on, but not so for GPS, which would add $200 IMHO to the cost , bringing a 70D in at around $1,400.

Think again.

And that's 2007.

Heck you can buy a fully self-contained GPS unit for your car - with touchscreen, battery, speaker, navigation circuitry and software, loaded maps - for about $85.

I have a lovely Garmin Oregon 450, which has served me well for over two years now, it's my 3rd GPS receiver. The issue with these and a non-GPS camera is punching in Waypoints and then reconciling them later. Not much of a problem with a handful of photos, but when you go on a trip or long hike, aye, that could run into a lot of bookkeeping, which I'd rather leave to a camera to tag in the image itself, particularly as there are several nice tools now which can read the EXIF data and match it to your trail map. I'd rather be editing my photos than reconciling a lot of coordinates, which can be a very big headache.

What little I've seen so far the GPSr built into the 6D is on par with what they have built into point -n- shoot models. Not sure those have really impressed. The GP-E2 unit is dedicated and rumored to be on par with a handheld GPSr, such as my Garmin Oregon 450, which I'd greatly prefer.
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