Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

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Re: Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

roustabout66 wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:

be it, but it is a crappy sensor inside if you compare with Sony or Nikon made

Only if you believe DXO mark is an indicator of image quality which many (including me) doubt.

Maybe it is better for the discussion if you explained why you think DXO is not a good IQ indicator.

Do you REALLY think a D600 produces better images than a Phase One IQ 180?? I mean reallly!

It is extremely obvious that it ought to be the case under DXO rating system.

First of all DXO score does not take super high resolution into account, you do not have to agree with it, bu you have to acknowledge it. IQ180's vast resolution advantage it therefore dismissed.

Secondly DXO score uses high iso as one of the three KPIs for rating, it is common knowledge that MF are generally terrible at high iso shooting, in comparison, nikon and canon have perfected high iso over the last 10 years. D600 is able to maintain SNR 30, with 9 stop of DR and 18bit of colour depth at iso 2900 while IQ180 can only maintain it at iso 960.

These factor, which are stated very clearly in DXOmarks site, means D600 can easily get better score than any MF cameras as long as it keeps up with them in colour depth and DR. What is surprising is that under this rating system canon is unable to make a camera that would beat these MF camera with terrible iso score.

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