Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

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Re: Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.

Mikael Risedal wrote:

sure they do, they have nothing to compare against,

i have shown this much earlier than fred miranda = two summers ago here at preview

d7000 against 5dmk2, 5dmk2 shown pattern noise and poor DR against a APS size sensor from Sony/Nikon

deep7 wrote:

Fact is, a lot of photographers see the Canon 5DMkIII as the best camera for their needs, for good reason. It works well, hassle free, produces very, very good images and has a good lens range to suit it. Simple!

A Land Rover, a camera ... I'm happy!

Yeah, and I've seen pattern noise in Nikon photos and those from other cameras too.

Just imagine, for a second, that you are a photographer who is interested in the whole experience of photography, the handling, lens quality and availability, focus, reliability, tones, colour, highlight control, noise control, viewfinder etc. etc.. ONE thing that may interest you is how well you can push shadows, either because you exposed badly or you have a need to cover an unusually large dynamic range (and lets be frank - all DSLRs have plenty of DR for most situations). Well, great, in that ONE instance, the newer Sony sensors can help. You get less noise and less banding but you still get artefacts; flat, lifeless dull shadows being the most obvious. Look at all the photos posted on the internet showing off how you can pull shadows, especially in photos underexposed to protect those all-important highlights.

Sure, it's a good thing to have more of this shadow thing but put it in perspective. If a camera isn't better in other areas that interest you, it's costing you to get this feature (which is easily overcome in most cases anyway). So, if someone prefers a 5DIII to something else, that person is getting a better package. In the case of the D800, the package seems to be a high resolution sensor (which brings costs in itself) with good shadow control with everything else equal or falling short.

A Land Rover, a camera ... I'm happy!

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