Dual card slots... how important?

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Re: Dual card slots... how important?

None of my film cameras ever accepted two rolls of film. It would have been cool if they had.

Knock on wood, I've never lost images due to a corrupted card. But I've done tech support for a lot of photographers who have. Most times it's been a hardware problem on the computer, sometimes a card problem, never the camera.

The hardware computer problems have been most frequently in this order: 1) the Firewire or USB cable connecting camera to card reader (this, in my experience is the single leading source of problems 2) dead card readers 3) blown USB or Firewire ports on the computer. In each case sourcing the problem stopped the problem. I have had problems with cables and card readers. I now travel with multiple cables and multiple card readers.

That said, I do use two cards in my 5D Mrk3. RAW to the CF card, JPEGs backup to the SD card. I like the feature but I only used it for real (i.e. accessing the JPEGs for use) right after the Mark III came out before Lightroom had been updated for the Mark III raw files. I was on deadline and didn't have time to run files through the DNG converter.

I like the idea of multiple card slots, but it's not a deal breaker for me. Plus, I don't know about the 6D but raw write times on the Mark III SD slot are so slow that it's almost painful to use for raw files.

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