Lens advice for swap to FX (New D600 in hand)

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Re: Lens advice for swap to FX (New D600 in hand)

Dodi73 wrote:

May I be honest ?

First I'd like to know what you photograph.

Second, generally speaking, I'd sell everything except the new 85 F/1.8 G.
Depending on your actual budget and the money you would get back I'd go for

1) 24-85 VR / 24-120 VR (unless you're a big fan of primes, you might need anyway a good do-it-all zoom and these are just fine)

2) while suggesting you to get a 50 F/1.8 G is easy (although you have it already, you might not exploit your camera to the most), for wide angles it looks a tougher choice, although til 24 mm you should be already covered by your stabilized zoom.
You might go for a 28 F/1.8 or you might not.

3) I would NOT get a 70-200 VRII since it's really overrated. Not because it's not good, nay, yet because is what you do with it. I've already passed this way and finished selling it for not using it. Get it only if you know you will be using it, forget myths and hypes. Especially, I would NOT get it at once, a 24-120 is much more useful and versatile than the 70-200 which is already a specialized purpose lens. Tamron USD/VC 70-200 is coming soon. I'd wait.

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All the best from northern Italy, Dino.
I'm on the NIK side of photography.

Thank you, this is a great forum with great people. I have a feeling the 70-200 is a good lens that has gained a "Holy Grail" status without consideration to its appliication.

Thanks much !

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