E-PM2, upon taking a second look

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Re: E-PM2, upon taking a second look

I, like you, thought there would be more of an interest in the two new Olympus cameras. Let's face it, the E-PM2 will likely give IQ very similar to the E-M5 and do it for half the price and in a more compact package. Of course the E-M5 offers many advantages, but the IQ of the E-PM2 versus E-M5 should be pretty similar. So, great IQ, small package, and relatively cheap. What's not to like? I'll probably trade in my E-PM1 for the 2 by next summer and get if for about $400 to $450.

sderdiarian wrote:

I recently posted a thread wondering why the E-PM2 and E-PL5 announcement received so little reaction on this forum, and noting my sense of feeling a bit of a let down given the E-PM2 price increase.

But upon looking at the responses along with previews and info on the Olympus site, I've come around to feeling pretty good about both cameras.

Given my personal interest is primarily in the E-PM2, what has it got going for it as a second body at $550 body-only? The positives:

  • First and foremost, the E-M5 16MP Live MOS sensor with up to ISO 25,600

  • gapless LCD panel to reduce glare/increase contrast; also an anti-smudge surface

  • touch to focus (capacitive touchscreen) for selective focusing

  • touch selection of settings on Super Control Panel (SCP)

  • small target AF focusing

  • built-in grip and thumb pad for better handling

  • video button further inward where less likely to be hit accidentally

  • wireless flash

  • two additional buttons including programmable Fn button

  • HDR bracketing (up to 3EV)

  • 8fps burst

  • full 1080i HD video

  • automatic image rotation

  • AF tracking

  • ability to enable the OIS of Panny's buttonless OIS lenses

  • Live-Guide effect preview

  • flash sync speed now 1/250 vs 1/160

  • a body design that has now definitely grown on me

The negatives:

  • still uses 16:9 screen which results in 2.3" image when in native 4:3's format

  • $100 MSRP increase (but body-only now available for $550)

  • possibly no improvement in IBIS (remains to be seen)

On these, I've pretty much adjusted to shooting in 3:2 and to only using IBIS on rare occasions, it's effectiveness on my E-PM1 being hit or miss. And, who knows, maybe they have improved it but not mentioned anything to date. So given all the improvements, nothing insurmountable for me in the minus column.

Which brings me to my now likely plan:

  • wait a bit for the price to drop and then purchase an E-PM2 as my new second body

  • wait and see on the new Epson EVF that appears to be in the wings

  • wait a bit for the price to drop and then purchase an E-M5 as my full-featured rugged body that can balance better with larger lenses

Time is not pressing for me, and I'm still very much enjoying my E-PM1, E-620 and various Olympus lenses, so all is good. Including, upon a second look, the E-PM2.
Sailin' Steve

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