RX100 Case Thread III (or Spare Battery Thread I)

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Re: Ranger CitiWeave Silver Camera Case

This is the drawback with these threads about a "case", depending on why you need a case for the choice of case will be bery different.

If you just need a case to protect the camera and will carefully set the case on a flat surface for opening then a full zipper case like this one works, but if you are on the go or want to wear it on you body then the risk of the camera dropping to the floor is overwhelming.

It would be useful for people who give a heads-up about a case to state what it works well for, not just that it works.

argonzero wrote:

This case doesn't have a rear belt loop, it only has two very small 1cm by 1cm loops at the end to attach the included wrist strap. I got mine at Fry's electronics, where they have plenty.

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