The D800 replaced the D300! D400.....forget about it!

Started Sep 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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The advantages of D400

would be mainly four:

-higher FPS with big buffer for action

-higher pixel density for cropping (if D400 is 24mp as rumoured, FX would need 54mp to equal it)

-wider coverage of AF points in the viewfinder (supossing it's 51 point AF as D300)
-smaller cheaper lenses needed

The disadvantages will be obvious:

-more noise in high iso
-more depth of field for the same field of view and aperture

However, these disadvantages won't be a deal breaker for some sports / wildlife shooters, plus 24mp would be pretty good for landscapes, making D400 a great all around camera for those not needing ultimate high iso and thin dof.

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