Full Frame Rebel - All in favor say "aye" not in favor say "nay"

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Re: that is the 6D

AShimon wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Potemkin_Photo wrote:

This would be a brilliant response to Nikon's D600 announcement. Make it full frame, keep it budget, and before the EOS anniversary year ends.

Time for Canon to gain back some respect and quit moving like a failing giant.

But the 6D is a 35mm entry level camera. 4.5 fps, 11 AF points. Anything that could be stripped off of it would result in very little cost savings.

At $2000, the 6D is hardly entry-level. Cost is the number one factor most consumers look at when entering a new market segment.

if cost is the number one factor people should be using the phone in their camera. 35mm image sensors are more expensive to make and bring a higher selling price accordingly. Whine all you want.

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