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Re: View NX 2 - blurry full screen images


I made a little search and end up to this topic. There seems to be another similar topics also. I have exactly the same problem with jpegs than the starter of this discussion. I wonder if v_ have find solution but I haven't. A new laptop and images displays soft on view NX2, newest version. And when I look at them 1:1 and then back to normal view they seem normal sharp.

Very weird problem and what makes that even funnier, seems that this is probably happening just a specific spec's pc's. This is maybe the reason why this is quite unusual but have to say that very annoying.

There are so less discussion about that problem so it have to be pc's hardware thing. If it is, maybe I have to look at another laptop.

I might ask about this thing from Nikon as well if there would be an update which solved this problem. Have anyone else had this images display soft -thing?

v_ wrote:

I just installed Nikon View NX 2.1.2 on a new laptop. The thumbs look fine, but as soon as I double click an image it opens in full screen mode and the image is blurry. I have tried to wait, I thought maybe it takes time to load the full res image, but nothing changed. The only way I got View NX 2 to display an image sharp is when I click on the image while full screen mode, so it views it in 100% than when I release the mouse click the full screen image turns sharp.

Drives me nuts! I have tried clearing cache from the option, but that did not help.

HP Laptop parameters
4GB RAM (XP only uses 3)
Intel i3 M 380 @ 2.53GHz
onboard Intel HD (32MB - 1024MB)

Any ideas what can be wrong? I have posted the same thing over at Nikon Talk, but did not get any useful answers.

Ps: I am having the problems with JPG files.

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