My Nikon D4 AF Issue: Japan doesn't care & never has been a worse flagship user exp

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MichaelIsGreat2 Regular Member • Posts: 160
You are the first D4 who raises the left AF issue!!!

It is my hope that what you say is genuinely true and that you do not try to stir the pot on this matter. As you are only a recent poster.

In other words, I hope you are not another of these bogus Canon fanboys who post similar and false claims on this forum for the Nikon D800 only to discredit the Nikon D800.

I advice you to read "Photokina 2012: Nikon talks about the D800's outer AF issue" at

The left AF issue for the Nikon D800 was only a calibration problem that was done wrong at the factory. It has been solved fully!!

There are a few Nikon Repair Centers that have the skills to correct fully the problem but not all of them. I assume they could also check your D4 and correct any issue. Check the ones where you have seen reports of successful corrections in this forum for the Nikon D800 and send your D4 to one of these Nikon Repair Centers.

For a D4, I am pretty sure that Nikon is ready to go the extra mile to solve your issue fully and to your satisfaction. You might have contacted the wrong people so far I am afraid. At least, that is my hope.

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