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Re: I kept E3 and E5 but expanded towards EM5...

TrapperJohn wrote:
Here's some things I learned:

RAW files out of the EM5 aren't just better than the E3, they're a whole lot better. If you don't already have it or PS7, get LR 4.1.


Yep, that's another reason I'm not getting the E5. I'll be using ACR and Photoshop.

I got the 45 1.8 with the EM5 back in April. Razor sharp, lightning fast focus. I'd suggest you get the 12-50 with the EM5, cheap when bought as a kit, it's really not a bad lens, and it's weathersealed. Soft at 50mm, decent at 12mm, and the macro feature works pretty good in a pinch.

I'm waiting for the black & weathersealed version but will get it then.

Yes the 45 looks great - primarily for portraits, although I think the 75 will be better for tight portraits.

As for the kit lens, it's too slow for me - I need fast lenses. Don't see the need to waste money on it.

If you already have a 4/3 PL25, hang on to it. I use mine a lot on the EM5. AF speed is good, size/weight isn't so much that it unbalances the combination, and it's a bit sharper than the M43 version. ZD 8FE also works well on the EM5, ZD 7-14 isn't too bad, and is more distortion/CA/PF free than the Panny 7-14.

Agree. The PL25mm works really well.

No, don't have the Pany PL25. The ZD 4/3 lenses I have will be used for static subject/landscapes only.

In general, the HG ZD lenses are slow focusers on the EM5, in the 1-2 second range depending on lens, but they really come to life with the better sensor. Don't be in a hurry to sell off any better ZD's, try them on the EM5 first and see how they do. I was pleasantly surprised. Oly has hinted at a new OM-D that will have PDAF on sensor to get ZD AF speed up to snuff, as well as improving on C-AF.

My impression also.
But AF, though slow, is workable.

You could wait for the next OM-D iteration and see if it is better but I was tired of waiting and have not regretted it.

There's no way I'm letting go of my 4/3 glass yet. Even if there was a world where there was no 4/3rds anything - I'd still find it hard to part with those babies

I'm trusting the 4/3 lens focus workarounds on things I've read in these threads. I haven't tried them yet on an EM5.

M43 tele zooms were a bit disappointing, too slow. Tend to go soft in less than bright light. The 50-200 handles well on a gripped EM5, remains sharp in dim light. ZD 70-300 works very well, AF's quickly, and can be picked up dirt cheap on the used market.

Agree totally : I wrote a whole thread about my motivations to buy a CD-AF > > enabled ZD70-300 and not one of the twice as expensive µFT telezooms.

I'll wait to see how good the Pany 35-100 is (or if Oly makes one).

Order your spare batteries now. They are in short supply, hard to get. Battery life > is okay on the EM5, but not terrific.
I waited for batteries a long time.

I saw two of them in my store (original Olympus, so not cheap, but I have no aftermarkets readily available in Belgium yet) and grabbed them immediately.

Yep, getting extra battery.

The Panny 12-35 exhibits quite a bit of CA when used on the EM5. LR4 corrects this, just be aware it's there. My impression of the 12-35 is that it's more like a 12-60 than a 14-35. I'm mulling over picking up a 12-60, good prices on used ones right now.

Yeah, CA isn't too hard a problem to solve. I wish Oly would hurry up and make the equivalent with similar optical performance to the 12-60 (if possible in that form factor)

The new 60M really has my attention. Price is right, and it has a focus limit switch. I'm also looking at the 75 1.8, very sweet, but ouch, the price. Getting close to what one can pick up a used ZD 35-100 for, so I may get one of those instead, in the hopes that the OMD-Pro comes out with fast ZD AF.

The 60 macro definitely has my attention too. A 60mmF2.8 will be a good portrait lens too.

Me too. I like the focus limiting. It would be a good portrait lens I have no doubt.

Damn! I'd like all those lenses!!

The few people who have noticed the EM5 - it really doesn't draw much attention due to the small size - have reacted very positively. Very cool, very avant garde.

True : not a camera to be ashamed of to be seen with in your hands.

If you do seriously care about projecting a "professional image", it does the job...

In my experience, the clients don't really care what camera I show up with.

The professionalism is more in the resulting images and attitude than in the gear.

Some clients may be different, of course, but then they are probably also amazed that you use Olympus and not Canikon, so you will be an outcast anyway.

It's funny though, more and more people at events, etc are photography-savy and many know a lot about cameras and own good dslr's. Some even own better kit than me :-). So occasionally you get punters coming up and talking gear (which I avoid) or they even bring their cameras with them. Occasionally you get someone curious to check out Oly gear - especially the lenses (because they're so rarely seen in that context I guess). So there are those attitudes around. A lot of people still think 'pro = big'. Anyway, I'm sure I'll get the odd funny look from someone who owns a D800 or such...........heheheheheheheheh...

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