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Re: Rx 100 or 600d

I won't repeat the good points made in other posts but will give you my take.

As some others did I first thought you were talking about the new high-end Nikon D600 which is an awesome camera. In that case I would have gone for awesome.

Now you did not mention size which is the main reason to get the RX100.

But the other reason is awesomeness, the RX100 is awesome because it is fast, silent, good and small, when the Canon 600d is not special.

I would go for awesome any time.

In terms of portrait, well I swear by my 70mm f2.4 on Pentax, but if you get closer you could get some good portraits with the RX100 - I am keeping my huge K10D just for portraits. You could get an RX100 and get a second hand DSLR for portraits.

For longer-reach zoom, I would get a small sensor camera such as the Sony HXV20 (hopefully this is the correct name for it) because it has more DOF, and cost and size compete well with the cost and size of the zoom.

You will get a lot of other creative options with the RX100, such as panorama, illustration mode, High Dynamic range via multiple shots etc...

Drumsimon wrote:

I know the difference between the two sensor is huge in terms of size but I really like the iq on the rx 100.. I'm ready to buy my first serious camera and the choice is between the small and portable all in one rx 100 (with resonable focal length) and the canon 600d with lens kit, 55–250 and 50 f1.8.

So considering that canon lens are budget and mid class quality which is the difference between the two cameras in therms of creative possibilities? If I have understand the f 1.8 on the Sony is equivalent to 3.2 on a–psc format not a big difference with 18–55 but I never seen the same kind of portrait taken with canon kit lens.
As you see I have a huge confusion can you help me?
P. S. Sorry for my bad English I hope you understand this post

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